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Wasabi in the Guacamole Well, it's the same color as guacamole and it easy to find. Mix in a tablespoon or two into the guacamole and watch people react.
Wet Dreams Take a glass of warm (not hot) water and place the victim's hand in the cup while they are asleep. They will awake to be surprised that they have wet the bed.
Go to the desktop of your victim's computer, use the mouse to highlight all the program shortcuts and folders on the desktop. Then hit 'Enter' and watch the computer struggle.
Hide the Ringing Phone Hide your victims phone somewhere in their desk or cubicle. When they return to their desk, call them on the phone. This prank is especially fun for birthdays.
Grease the Phone Place Vaseline on the ear piece of a telephone receiver. In a pinch, a tab of butter will work just as well. Or first aid cream. This prank can also be used on unattended cell phones.
Switch Monitor Cables. If you have a series of computer set up side by side, it is a perfect opportunity to have some fun. Swap the monitor cables so that the monitors are connected to the wrong computers.
Rubber Snake in the Water Cooler Next time you change the bottles for the office water cooler, place a sterilized rubber snake into the bottle before you change the bottles. See how few people even notice.
Super Glue the Contents of a Desk Use super glue all the items on the desk of a coworker to the desk. If short on time, super glue the mouse to the mousepad. It peels off easily enough, so there is no lingering damage.
Water the Chair Pour water on a fabric covered chair. Evenly cover the entire chair with water so that the color matches. When someone sits on the chair, they will not realize that something is wrong until their heiney is soaked.
Luggage Locks on Camping Tents Take the tiny luggage locks and lock up other campers tents. This can be used in campgrounds or summer camp. You don't have to stop at tents, you can go for RVs, campers, closets, outhouses, let your mind wander.
Superglue a quarter to the ground in front of a vending machine. Only time-lapse photography could truly show the ingeniousness of such a practical joke, but sticking around for an hour gives you a pretty good idea of how cheap people really are.
Place a "Gay Pride" sticker on your homophobic buddy's car. The joke only gets more amusing the longer the person doesn't realize it is there. This works great for people that reverse into parking spots and tend not to walk around the back of their car.
Hot Sauce in the Ketchup Check your victims kitchen. Do they have a bottle of ketchup? Do they have a bottle of Tabasco sauce or another hot sauce? Mix in the Tabasco into the ketchup. A few dashes in the top of the bottle will be enough to have a little fun.
Free doughnuts Buy a box of donuts on Friday. Leave them out so they dry out completely. Then Monday, leave the doughnuts near the coffee maker so everyone will see them. People will pick them up, bite into the doughnut and discover it is stale and rock hard.
Unplug the Phone Receiver Ever so gently unplug the telephone reciever from the actual telephone unit. You want to make sure the clip that retains the plug in place will allow the cord to come out easily. The next time someone answer the phone, the cord comes out.
Teacher or professor giving you a hard time? Grab their blackboard chalk and drill a small hole straight down from the writing end, insert a match, and fill the hole with a blend of chalk dust and glue. Put the chalk back and watch the panic when smokes starts to spew!
Disconnect the Keyboard Disconnect the keyboard from the computer, but only slightly. It will take people a very long time to figure out this prank and they will think the cable came loose. This is another prank that can be done almost anywhere you can find a computer.
Mr Bear Called Leave a message for a coworker that a "Mr. Bear" called for them. Write down the number for the local city zoo as the phone number to call. Other useful names include: Buffy Lowe, Ellie Font, Jay Raffe, Ty Gere, Bab Heun and the old standby, Anna Conda.
Lice Powder Take a container of lice powder and open it up. Leave the container in the bathroom when nobody is looking so it looks like someone just used it. Eventually people will start to wonder which person has the lice. This prank can really throw people into a panic.
Park your car on a the street facing traffic, using a dark colour late model domestic sedan adds to the authenticity of this prank. Wear dark clothes and wear sunglasses and hold a hair dryer out the window and watch in delight as car come squealing to a halt as they pass you.
Sheep Head in a Box Take a nice box and place a sheep head inside (you can get one from a butcher). include plastic forks and festive party napkins. Place a party hat on the head while you are at it. Leave the box at the dooorstep of your intended victim. Ringing the bell is optional.
Rubber Cement on a Railing Paint a thin application of rubber cement on a railing leading down a flight of stairs. People will find that an ordinarilly smooth railing is suddenly gooey. After a while the rubber cement will roll into what looks like dirty boogers which is a prank in itself.
Grease the Railing Take some vaseline or a tab of butter and grease a railing. Tabs of butter can be found in most restaurants. Next time you have lunch, order a few for the road. A light coating of butter is really hard to see, but once someone puts their hand on it, they recoil in horror.
Nickel in the Coin Superglue a nickel in the coin return of a vending machine orf pay phone. Enjoy watching very well off people attempting to pry loose a stupid nickel that was never rightfully theirs to begin with. You can also glue a nickel to the floor in front of the vending machines as well.
Wallpaper with Post-it Notes Post-it notes are very cheap and easy to apply. Why, they even come with their own adhesive. The cost can be pretty cheap considering you may have plenty in the supply closet. It's just a matter of getting a few dozen, rolling up your shirt sleeves and start applying.
Short Sheet the Bed When making a bed, fold the top sheet in half so that it goes halfway down, then tuck it in like you would if the sheet went all the way to the bottom. When the victim crawls into bed, they can only get about halfway in before they find the sheets folded in a way that stops them.
Poo in the Urinal It's a gutsy trick to pull off in a public bathroom, but it gets a reaction. A bad reaction at that. Nobody likes to see poo in a urinal. It just doesn't sit well with people. But if you're drunk enough or angry enough to want to do something foul and revolting, it's hard to beat.
Take a piece of clear tape and place it over the mouseball. This will prevent the mouse ball from turning and frustrate the user. This trick is quite easy for the user to figure out and it is easy to set up. However, if you really want to be cruel, slightly unplug the mouse cable from the computer as well.
Flour in the Defrost vent A little flour or talcum powder in the defroster vent could be very dangerous. But that cloud of flour coming up when someone turns on the defroster might make a great prank. Especially if you turned on the blower full blast so that when someone starts the car, they get a big *POOF*.
Gift Exchange Prank Does your family or workplace do gift exchanges? Talk about a prime time to have some fun! Write your name on all of the slips and place it into the basket. This way everyone draws your name. People should catch on rather quickly. Alternately, add someone elses name to every slip of paper.
Mac OSX Screen Color Change Prank. Go up to any computer running Mac OSX and press the CTRL+OPTION+APPLE+8 keys at the same time. The screen will suddenly become a black and white negative of what it usually displays. To reverse this, simply type the same keys again. This prank may not work after MacOS X 10.3.9.
Fake Garage Sale Print up signs leading to a garage sale at your victims house. Prints up lots of them with big letters announcing the garage sale starts at 7:00 AM and goes until 7 PM. Post the signs around the neighborhood of your victim the night before the sale. If you are really smart, use someone elses car.
Tape on the Phone Roll up a piece of clear plastic tape with the sticky side out. Double-sided clear tape is also nice. Place the tape in the earpiece of the phone handset. Sometimes the person will not even realize the tape is stuck to their ears. Most people get really irritated if something is stuck to their ear.


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