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OJ Simpson Jokes!

OJ with or without pulp fiction!
Who's the dumbest person in America? OJ's next girlfriend!
Where was Kato Kalin between 9 and 12? - In the fourth grade!
What do you call a poor black woman in OJ's jacuzzi? Juror # 7
OJ, once of the Buffalo Bills. Now playing on the Tax Payer Bills
If O.J became president... He'd cut taxes and slash the deficit!
Why did O.J. kill his ex? He wanted to terminate her free agency!
What was the last thing Nicole said? "I should have had a V-8."
Long ago, did commercials for, for all involved, it hurts!
What does BRONCO stand for? Black Repeat Offender Needs Car Operator!
Why is it safer to drink water instead of OJ? Because OJ will kill you!
Why did Ron Goldman dump Nicole Simpson? Because she couldn't swallow!
What do the LAPD and Tropicana have in common? They both have O.J. in a can!
What's the first thing OJ bought when he was found not-guilty? Clip-on gloves!
What did Joey Buttafucco say to OJ? You should have had your girlfriend do it!
Have you heard about the new children's game? It's called "Where's O.J.?"
I think that he is Homer Simpsons' long lost brother...they have the same lips!
What was O.J.'s favorite play in the Bills' playbook? Cut left, then slash right!
Did you hear about OJ's new margerine endorsement? I can't believe I'm Not Guilty!
Why can't OJ and Heidi Fliess play golf together? She's a hooker and he's a slicer!
Its a bad day for sports in Southern California. - California Angels 0, O.J.Simpson 1.
What was the last thing O.J. said to Nicole? - "Your waiter will be right with you."
Did you hear what the longest drive was during the U.S. Open? O.J. Simpson - 61 miles!
What do O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson have in common? They are both missing a glove!
What's the difference between OJ and Batman? Batman can go to Las Vegas without Robin!
Microsoft has offered O.J. a position at the company. They can always use good hackers!
What was the best selling Halloween Costume the previous year? An O.J. Simpson costume!
2003 yardage, killed the old record, or, was that a few years after killing some baggage?
Why did OJ's kids want to live with their dad? They knew they could get away with murder.
What do Mark Fuhrman & OJ SImpson have in common? Neither of them hang out with black people
Did you hear that O.J. is moving to Monatana? - He heard they catch and release cut-throats.
Why won't prison be that different for OJ? He will still have big guys opening holes for him.
What is the slogan of OJ's new limo service? We'll get you to the airport with time to kill.
What the only thing worse than being married to Lorina Bobbitt? Being divorced from OJ Simpson.
How can you tell if it's the springtime in Idaho? - You will see Mark Fuhrman planting gloves.
How do you find O.J. on the Internet? Type: slash...backslash...backslash...backslash...escape
What did St. Peter say to Nicole when she got to heaven? Your waiter will be along in a minute!
Why did O.J. go to Chicago after killing two people? It was the perfect place for a three-peat!
What's the difference between O J Simpson and Barack Obama? O.J. got rid of the white chick too.
How many O.J. jurors does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. They voted it was "not dark."
What did OJ say to Marcia Clark as he left the courtroom? Can I have my hat and gloves back now?
What is the slogan of OJ's new limo service? - We'll get you to the airport with time to kill.
What's the difference between O.J. and Chris Reeves? One is juice and the other's a vegetable.
Why did O.J. kill Goldman? To prove the Bills could slaughter the competition and not just choke.
What do the Pittsburgh Steelers and O.J. Simpson have in common? They both beat up on the Browns.
Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran have a new movie coming out. It's called "Scum and Scummer"
What do the Pittsburgh Steelers and O.J. Simpson have in common? - They both beat up on the Browns.
When Paula Barbieri signed up for MCI friends and family, what was the first number she gave? "911"
What's the difference between God and Johnnie Cochran? God doesn't think that he is Johnnie Cochran!
How are OJ Simpson and John Elway different? One has a slow white bronco and one is a slow white bronco.
Hear about the new Bronco drink? It consists of a couple of jiggers followed by a bunch of O.J. chasers.
What did Ronald Goldman say to Nicole Brown Simpson when they met in heaven? Here are your damn glasses!
Why were some people in L.A. dissapointed by the O.J. verdict? - They already had new TV sets picked out!
What does O.J. have in common with a box of fireworks? - They both kill people, but we let them off anyway!
We heard that after watching the Super Bowl, O.J. commented it was the second worst massacre he'd ever seen...
Why are stores refusing to carry the OJ Simpson costume? They are always returned because the gloves don't fit.
What's the difference between OJ and Colonel Sanders? Colonel Sanders cuts up his chicks before he batters them.
Why does everyone want OJ over for Thanksgiving dinner? He sure knows how to slice the hell out of the white meat!

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