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Michael Jackson Jokes!

Why did Michael Jackson scream? Because it hurts!
How did Michael Jackson feel? A little crotchety!
Why was Michael Jackson grounded? He was "Bad!"
what town did Michael Jackson moved to PA? Dubois!
What did Michael Jackson call an orgy? A fruit salad!
What was sex like for Michael Jackson? Child's Play!
What's 6 + 46 + 5? A threesome with Michael Jackson!
What was Michael Jackson's favorite snack? Slim Jims!
Where did Michael Jackson look for dates? Boys 'R Us!
What did Michael Jackson call a circumcision? Foreplay!
How many times does 12 go into 35? Michael Jackson knew!
What was Michael Jackson's Alma Matter? Bring-em Young!
What was Micheal Jackson's Chinese name? Melikeemyoung!
How did Michael Jackson pick his nose? From a catalogue!
What was Michael Jackson's favorite fast food? Big Boys!
What was Michael Jackson's favorite dish? Creamed shrimp!
How did Michael Jackson keep his youth? Pizza and Nintendo!
How did MJ pay off his old boyfriends? Liquefy some assets!
Who was Michael Jackson's favorite poet? Emily Dick in son!
Which chips did Michael Jackson like to munch on? O'Boysies!
What was sex like for Michael Jackson? Like candy from a baby!
What's black and comes in little white cans? Michael Jackson!
What's white and in Michael Jackson's pocket? His other hand!
Michael Jackson was so bad he could have been a Catholic priest!
What did Michael Jackson and a jockey both ride? Three year olds!
Hear about the new Michael Jackson doll? It comes in a little can!
Where was Michael going on holiday? He went to Tampa with the kids!
What was Michael Jackson's ideal a perfect 10? Two five year olds!
Why was Michael Jackson so tough? He can lick any kid on the block!
Where is Michael Jackson's other glove? In Brooke Shields' pants!
Why did Michael Jackson try out for the NBA? He was a crack shooter!
What will they call Michael Jackson's new TV series? Anus and Andy!
What would you do if Michael Jackson was drowning? Throw him a buoy!
Who was happy when Michael Jackson gets a boy to stay over? Bubbles!
What was Michael Jackson's favorite nursery rhyme? Little Boy Blew!
What was sex like for Michael Jackson? Like taking candy from a baby!
What did Michael Jackson say to Woody Allen? Got two fives for a ten?
Why did Michael Jackson like children so much? He knew how they feel!
What has 18 balls and 3 pubic hairs? A Michael Jackson slumber party!
What were Michael Jackson's baby's first words? Which one's mommy?
When Michael Jackson threw a party, what did guests drive? Tricycles!
How did Michael Jackson get in trouble? He was feeling a little Randy!
Why did Michael Jackson want his own boy? The rent is $2,000,000 each!
How do we know Michael was guilty? Several children have fingered him!
What was Michael Jackson's newest song? I'm forever blowing bubbles!
Why were Michael Jackson's pants so small? Because they weren't his!
How did Michael Jackson like to party? He sipped a couple of Tall Boys!
What did Michael Jackson do when his hair caught on fire? He "Beat-it!
What did the woman tell Michael Jackson at the beach? Get out of my son!
What did the man on the beach say to Michael Jackson? Get out of my sun!
Did you hear about Michael Jackson's latest record? "Feel the World!"
What psychological problem did Michael still suffer from? Anal retention!
What made Michael Jackson so unique? It's was the little boy inside him!
Why did Michael Jackson really need to go to rehab? He's a crack addict!
Why did Michael Jackson get food poisoning? He ate a nine year old wiener!

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